Average Cost of a Wedding – How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Average Cost of a Wedding - How to Save Money on Your WeddingThe average cost of a wedding these days is way above what people usually pay when they get married in their local church. Most people, in fact, have to pay for their wedding and then some. So what can you do to cut the average cost of a wedding down significantly? I’m going to tell you one thing:Average Cost of a Wedding

First of all, consider your wedding venue and then consider how expensive it would be for you to hold your reception there. The average cost of a wedding reception is usually about three hundred dollars per couple, per year. So, if you’re getting married in a small town with only a few thousand people, the cost of your reception might be a lot lower than it would be if you were getting married in a much larger city with many more guests. Also, take into account what type of venue you’re getting married at. It might not be a bad idea to rent some place instead of trying to buy your own, especially if you’re having an open house or some other type of large social gathering at your wedding venue.How to Save Money on Your Wedding

You can also save money on your wedding by looking for deals on wedding invitations. Often, venues will give discounts on their invitations just because they know you’ll be a busy couple who will probably need a lot of invites. If you don’t have to buy the invitation yourself (and if you want to save money), look into getting them at a discount or for free. There are plenty of places that will let you do this with little to no charge to you!

Budget Wedding Tips

bride photoIf you are looking for budget wedding tips, then read on to find out how to plan a great party with a small budget. It is easy to feel that you are going to have to skimp on certain things if you are planning a small wedding. In reality, there are a number of great things you can do to save money while still having a great time. Find out some of these great budget wedding tips.bride photo

Keep it Small: The most obvious of the budget wedding tips is to keep the guest list very small. For a budget wedding, cutting down the guest list to just a few people will save you lots of money on your wedding expenses. It can sometimes be difficult to think of a hundred friends and relatives to invite to your reception. However, keeping things small can really save you tons of money and make your party even more special. Another great way to keep your guest list small is to let them sign just one sheet of paper instead of having them sign ten or more pieces of paper. This makes it much easier to find someone to sign the check and you can also use this as your final table reservation.bride photo

Have a Cash Bar: One of the best budget wedding tips is to set up a cash bar at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. You can serve alcohol if you choose but generally the bar will contain liquor, wine, and beer. A cash bar will allow you to offer your guests drinks without having to worry about servers or waiters coming by to count money for you. You will also be able to set prices for drinks without worrying about breaking any laws or the like. The nice thing about setting up a cash bar is that it will really add to the overall ambiance of your reception, especially when there are music blaring and lots of people having a good time.

Simple Wedding Tips

Wedding photoWedding photoPlanning a simple wedding is really an amazing task to undertake. It’s not like you are going to go out and have an expensive reception or dinner. The idea of planning such a wedding can sometimes be daunting. But, a simple wedding could just be absolutely gorgeous. A simple wedding is also a wonderful occasion to share out your individuality with those you love the most. Below are some simple wedding tips to follow:Wedding photo

Consider having all the wedding day flowers highlighted. You will want to use a grand bouquet for the ceremony and a smaller bouquet for the reception. You could even use the pins from the bouquets for decorations on the tables. It is very important that the flowers are the focal point of the table. This is why some people may not even want to have a live flower girl as they feel that the bride should be able to provide her own bouquet.Wedding photo

Choose simple wedding tips. If you are going to have flowers everywhere, then you are going to have a very cluttered wedding day. You want to have the bouquets arranged the way they are supposed to be without any excess decoration. Too many pins or decorations on the tables can make it difficult for the guests to even see the flowers. So, be as clean as you can get.