Average Cost of a Wedding – How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Average Cost of a Wedding - How to Save Money on Your WeddingThe average cost of a wedding these days is way above what people usually pay when they get married in their local church. Most people, in fact, have to pay for their wedding and then some. So what can you do to cut the average cost of a wedding down significantly? I’m going to tell you one thing:Average Cost of a Wedding

First of all, consider your wedding venue and then consider how expensive it would be for you to hold your reception there. The average cost of a wedding reception is usually about three hundred dollars per couple, per year. So, if you’re getting married in a small town with only a few thousand people, the cost of your reception might be a lot lower than it would be if you were getting married in a much larger city with many more guests. Also, take into account what type of venue you’re getting married at. It might not be a bad idea to rent some place instead of trying to buy your own, especially if you’re having an open house or some other type of large social gathering at your wedding venue.How to Save Money on Your Wedding

You can also save money on your wedding by looking for deals on wedding invitations. Often, venues will give discounts on their invitations just because they know you’ll be a busy couple who will probably need a lot of invites. If you don’t have to buy the invitation yourself (and if you want to save money), look into getting them at a discount or for free. There are plenty of places that will let you do this with little to no charge to you!