Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photo photoWedding photography packages come in many different packages. Each package has its advantages and disadvantages and can often be determined by looking at the benefits vs. disadvantages of the package. The first thing you must understand is that wedding photography packages aren’t created equal. Some packages only cover the photographer’s photography time, but additional services and products are billed a la carte and charged on a per item basis. Others offer services and products separately and the photography is what is normally billed as the main service.Wedding Photo photo

Wedding packages are often broken down into tiers; one tier for the photographer. It is common for a package to have a few packages with different levels. It is also common for packages to have different levels with the photographers themselves being tiers, with an “expert” tier that specializes in wedding photography and another for wedding videography. In fact, some packages will offer a combination of services. So it is important to ask the photographer about the services they offer as a whole.Wedding Photo photo

Another advantage to these packages is that they can often come with warranties. A lot of photographers offer packages that guarantee a certain number of photos. This is good especially if you are going to be taking lots of photos and want your photographer to be more than willing to take the time to show you their work. It is also common for some photographers to offer services such as photojournalism where they take your picture and give you a report with your favorite pictures included, and a description of the experience of the photographer had with them. Another advantage is that most packages come with some type of customer service. If you are unhappy with the service or product, it should be a snap to get your money back and send the package back.